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IranbyBit pitch at Silk Road Startup Event in Tehran

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IranbyBit” presented a pitch at Silk Road Startup Event which was held on Sunday 21, OCT, 2018 in “Tehran” at “Amirkabir University of Technology”. Silk Road Startup is the first International conference, aiming to show case the Iranian startup scene to the world.

In this event, all startups had 4 minutes to present their pitch to jury team and audiences and then 3 minutes to answer the jury’s questions.
Setare Shabanipour founder of “IranbyBit” presented IranbyBit pitch and all the guests and judgement team were very interested in what IranbyBit does in Iran. “IranbyBit” is a travel service provider, offering a wide range of budget services for solo travelers, adventurers, backpackers and all kinds of travelers to Iran who seek the real wonderful local experiences. From “IranbyBit” team, Setareh Shabanipour (Founder), Ziya Sadr (Bitcoin research and development manager), Kiana Fariborzi (Content provider), Saeed Nasiri (Web administrator) and Nima Behkar (System software developer) took part in this conference.

The competitors in this conference are from some big cities in Iran. This Startup Tour was held in Tabriz, Kerman, Shiraz and Mashhad before and the competitors presented their pitch for referees, guests, panelists and other competitors. The best candidates have been selected to go to the next level. Yesterday, the event was held in Tehran and the jury Included: David Braun (Manager and Founder at DASHR), Ekaterina Matveeva (Founder at Amolingua), Babak Tadayyon (Lyan Capital Management) , Bahar Yarmohammad (Head of Investmend at Noava Co.), Radman Rabii (Head of training and commodities at Turquoise partners) and Kamran Khoshi (Co-Founder at Zowragh)

12 startups presented their pitch yesterday, and 8 remained competitors are going to present their pitch today.
On 22, OCT, 2018 at the end of “Tehran Event” the jury is going to give the vote and select 2 candidates from Tehran to go to the next level and make them ready for the final event with competitors from other cities, which will be held in Kish Island in January 2019.



Special Offer in Hamedan

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#Special_Offer : 

World tourism organization has announced that due to holding “international seminar on harnessing cultural tourism through innovation and technology and 40th UNWTO Affiliate members plenary session” in Hamedan province,Iran from 12 to 14 November, all of the hotels and accommodations in Hamedan have special offer. 

The host has offered 30% discount for the event hotels in Hamedan as can be seen in the General information note.

Dinner and launche will be free for all the participants for the duration of the event.

Below, you can see the full Note of this announcement:

“The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is pleased to inform you that the Plenary Session of the UNWTO Affiliate Members will be held from 12 to 14 November 2018 in Hamedan Province, Islamic Republic of Iran, at the kind invitation of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In line with previous sessions, the 40th Plenary Session of the Affiliate Members will provide the ideal setting for participants to discuss the annual programme of work and to establish partnerships and joint initiatives around new and existing areas of work. 

In conjunction with the Plenary Session, UNWTO and the Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization are co-hosting the International Seminar on Harnessing Cultural Tourism through Innovation and Technology. The main aim of the International Seminar is to address the role of innovation and technology in the development of cultural tourism and in enhancing destinations’ competitiveness and attractiveness. Technology and innovation, including information and communication technology (ICT), serve as enablers of the sustainable development of cultural tourism whereby improving governance, enhancing profitability, and competitiveness along with preserving intangible and tangible cultural resources.

In this regard, the seminar will provide a platform to further discuss these important topics through panel debates and the sharing of good practices. Additionally, it will explore the fundamental contribution of innovation to fostering cultural tourism in Iran – a country endowed with rich cultural heritage and legacy of the remarkable Persian civilization .”







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Isfahan- Iran

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Iran

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1) Unique ancient & historical sites:
“ legendary history & civilization “

  • Iran is home to the world’s oldest living civilization with historical and urban settlements dating back to more than 7,000 BC. The southwestern and western part of the Iranian Plateau contributed to the traditional Ancient near East with the Elamite Civilization, from the Early Bronze Age. With more than 1000 historical attractions, Iran has 24 World Heritage Sites.

2) Incredible Architecture:
“Visit the fundamentals of all Architectural styles in the world “

  • Persian buildings vary from peasant huts to teahouses and gardens, from pavilions to “some of the most majestic structures the world has ever seen.” Iranian architecture features a great variety, both structurally and aesthetically, driving from a variety of traditions and experiences.

3) Rich Museums:
“The land of golden Rhytons, Glorious Cups, Civilized statues“

  • Boasting one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, Iran has numerous museums that offer a rich insight into thousands of years of national art and culture. With some more than 70 years of activity. The National Museum of Iran contains 300,000 objects in an area more than 20,000 squares meters. In addition to being the country’s; largest museum of history and archaeology, It ranks as one of the world’s most prestigious museums in terms of grandeur, scale, diversity and quality of its huge monuments.

4) The Lowest Tourism Cost in the World :
“The Highest Gains With the Lowest Costs “

  • For the third time, Iran has been chosen to the latest Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, published by the World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum), as the most affordable foreign tourist destination. Iran price competitiveness rating is 6.66, placing it first in the world.

5) Hospitable & Affectionate People:
“Experience the real sense of hospitality which never experience elsewhere”

  • If anything, all that Iranian can be accused of is excessive hospitality. So, when traveling to Iran, beware of innocent looking situations, which could turn into one of your life experiences. Kind of walking into the Twilight Zone. The Iranians are of such an affable nature as to warm your heart and make travel more off beat.

6) Health tourism:
“Experience expert physicians & inexpensive services”

  • Iran offers a wide range of treatment facilities through an extensive network or highly equipped hospitals (around 850 hospitals), and rehabilitation centers with reasonable costs or beauty surgeries. A cost analysis procedure shows that treatment costs in Iran are much lower in comparison to developed countries. Moreover, Iran has some of the most important hot spring spa centers in the world, attracting millions of visitors each year. The spas are famous for their therapeutic value.

7) Iranian handicrafts and handmade arts:
“Art of Our Hands Will Shine in Your Eyes”

  • Iran has been the center of civilization for at least 7000 years. Iranian art has also one of the richest art heritages in world history. It encompasses many sub fields, such as the following: Calico (Ghalamkar), Gerechini, Local music instruments (Tar, Setar, Dotar, Kamancheh, etc.), Silver Work, Woodcarving, Engraving (Ghalamzani), Inlaid work Miniature, Tiling, Stone carving, Brickwork, stucco and Tile panels, Embroidery, Marquetry, Potteries, Metal working, Mina-Kari, etc.

8) Magic Of Iran’s Nature (#Eco_tourism potentials):
“The land of the Red Springs, Green Summers, Yellow Falls, & White Winters”

  • Iran is a country with a dazzling variety of natural attractions, including mountains, lakes, caves, forests, rare plant, and animal species, mineral waters and numerous islands on its southern and northern beaches. All of these attractions have made Iran a favorite destination for sightseers. Considered as one of the world’s top five countries in terms of biodiversity; Iran is home to 519 bird species, 172 mammal species, 199 reptile species, 20 species of amphibians, 173 species of fish and 9000 distinctive plant species.

9) Delicious Foods
“Tasty foods enshrined in the aura of history”

  • The existence of various ethnic groups in Iran, alongside its rich culture, has made Iranian cuisine highly diversified. There are over 400 different kinds of food and sweets in Iran. The ingredients are generally cereals, grains, vegetables, and proteins.

10) Visit the land of four seasons and the migration of nomads:
“Iran : a world inside a country, a kaleidoscope of colour, a legendary mountain path!”

  • Iran is one of the few countries with four distinct seasons each year. Traveling to Iran in different seasons means encountering distinctive and divergent scenes and adventures. The North of Iran is covered with evergreen forests and borders a grand lake (Caspian sea) supporting a moderate climate. The south is bounded by the Persian Gulf, with a hot and humid climate, dotted with enchanting and glamorous Palm Forests.

“Src: Iran travel guide/ Amir mostafavi/ published by cultural heritage, handicrafts & tourism organization of Iran”

P.s :

“IranbyBit” team is here to connect you to local people, with providing Eco-tourism based services such as introducing Iran’s tourist attractions to you and providing the aim of booking fantastic accommodations and most comfortable ecolodges in every corner of Iran which you are able to pay by cash or Bitcoin. We do our best to help you experience all of these amazing journeys in the best way to make an unforgettable memory for you in Iran, in addition to help improving the economy of local community, preserving natural resources, increasing awareness of people around the world about our beautiful 4-seasons land & probably this friendliest country in the world and finally to walk through sustainable development and an earth that would be a better place to live for everyone…

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Mamghani Needlework (East Azerbaijan province)

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The most important handicraft art work in East Azerbaijan province is needlework. This particular art work is popular among girls and the housewives have very old history. In the past a kind of popular hat was the dominant work for local consumption. but w other than hats, they weave table cloths, under glasses, seat belts, shoes, vests and so on. The patterns and designs of the needlework’s are basically inspired by personal thinking and the surrounding or nature. These artworks are mostly geometric, flowers and moot plants. The basic materials include: black satin fabric, metgal acetate and rayon which are divided to three types: 1- Thin: three layers convoluted acetate sextuple, 2- Average: Fifteen layers convoluted acetate. 3- Big: Thirty layers convoluted acetate. The work process includes: to provide these three different pes of acetates fabrics and weaving of them, different types of weaves such as “Zangireh doozi, dandan mooshi, dookhte bast’ and so on. The sewing includes two stages: First selection of the fabric for the purse of weaves, hank and sewing of the threads, second: the weaving of the decorating patterns and designs.[1]


Reference: http://www.persianhostel.com/