No need to carry cash with yourself in Iran anymore!

Iranian prepaid debit card designed for Travelers; a solution for all the expenses you may have during your trip to Iran, Pay on any point of sale machine, draw cash from ATMs, send money to others online and do online shopping.


As a Travelers to Iran, you are not able to use your credit cards, like Master-card, Visa-card, and have to exchange your currency at airport or exchange store and carry cash during your stay in Iran.

Travelers often get confused about how to do money payments in Iran. Lonely Planet declares explicitly that you must “Bring enough cash (in US dollars or euros) for the duration of your trip. You cannot use credit or debit cards, travelers…” This problem is even bigger for solo travelers who visit rural areas and need to be more flexible while on their adventure.

But here we offer Travel Debit Card solution for all the expenses you may have during your trip to Iran. Pay easily, anywhere you are.

You can pay for your expenses on any point of sale machine in Iran, and even draw cash from ATMs, send money to others online and do online shopping with this debit card. The Debit Card is issued through Iran’s national banking network, Shetab.

The banking network in Iran is a unified, fast and low-cost fee network. All payments in Iran are conducted through the unified network and the debit card is not an exception to this. This makes your payments in Iran as seamless as it can get. Maybe even easier than any other payment system you have used in any country. You can pay for your expenses on any point of sale machine in Iran, and even draw cash from ATMs, send money to others online and do online shopping with this debit card.

The last update to the number of ATM and POS devices in Iran shows that there’s more than 50 thousand ATM machines in Iran and more than 30 million POS devices. This proves that a tourist carrying our debit card can use it almost everywhere in Iran.

You can also withdraw any unspent amount of money left in the card after your visit.

You pay a one-time 19€ service fee and there won’t be any charges for using your card.

Fees and Charges:
Card Transactions FREE
ATM Withdrawal FREE
Purchases Through Web FREE
Paying by Bank Transfer FREE
Purchases Through POS Machines FREE

** The 19€ fee includes card issuance, delivery, currency exchange fees, and round-the-clock customer support.

When will I receive my Card?

It normally takes up to three working days to issue your card. Once it’s issued we will deliver it to your hotel or hostel. The whole process usually takes less than 3 days. So, you would need to make sure that you sign up at least 3 days before your arrival.

Is the Card accepted everywhere?!

Tourist Debit Card is accepted anywhere in Iran where bank cards are accepted. Virtually all the stores, restaurants, museums, hotels and entertainment venues accept bank cards. Bank cards in Iran are widely accepted even more than many European countries. Even small news kiosks are accepting bank cards with no minimum transaction amount.

For how long is the card valid?

The Card is valid for the duration of your Iranian Visa. Once your visa is expired your card will be expired too. If you wish to revisit Iran and use the Card again, we can reissue a new card upon your next visit.

How do I add funds to my card? (Loading your card)

When we deliver your card we give you the option to deposit your cash into your card. That is, we take your cash (EUR/USD) and convert it to Iranian Rials and deposit the equivalent in IRR (Iranian Rials) into your card on spot.

How can I change my PIN?

Please follow the instructions on the welcome letter which comes with your card.

What is Internet PIN or Second PIN?

The Second PIN (AKA Internet PIN or PIN 2) is only used for online purchases in Iran. This feature is something that is only available in Iran. So, you probably have not heard about this before! When you make purchases on Iranian websites, your second PIN is also needed to verify the transaction. Please note that your Second PIN is not included in your Card package for security purposes. The instruction to activate your second PIN is written in your Card Welcome Letter which is part of your card package.

Where can I withdraw cash?

You can withdraw cash from any ATM machine in Iran. Your Card is using SHETAB Network and all banks and financial institutes in Iran are accepting “SHETAB” cards.

Is there any limit on how much money I can withdraw from ATMs?

Yes. There is a nationwide ATM withdrawal limit for every ATM in Iran. This limit is currently 2,000,000 IRR per day. Please note that this limit only applies when withdrawing cash from ATMs and does not apply to purchases you make over POS machines. Unfortunately, there is no way to change this limit for any bank card in Iran.

Can l load my card again while I’m in Iran?

Yes. You can reload your card during your stay in Iran. You either load it with cash or using online payment methods.

How do I check my balance?

To check your card balance you would need to visit an ATM machine. Any ATM machine in Iran would be able to show your Card balance.
And also you can check it online through this link 

Where can I use my card to purchase goods?

Like any credit or debit card, your Card card can be used to buy goods and services. You can use your Card card almost everywhere in Iran. As a ‘Chip & PIN’ card you will simply need to enter your PIN number into the terminal.

What will happen to the money left on my card? (Refunds)

At the end of your trip, if there are any funds left on your card, we give you two options to close your account;

  1. We can organize cash delivery to your hotel or hostel and give you your remaining balance in cash in the currency you loaded your card originally with.
  2. We can organize an online fund transfer to your PayPal account.

Exchange rates offered by independent currency authorities (mid-market rates):


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