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Travel Debit Card

No need to carry cash with yourself in Iran anymore! Travel debit card designed for Travelers; a solution for all the expenses you may have during your trip to Iran, Pay on any point of sale machine, draw cash from ATMs, send money to others online and do online shopping.

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Payment & Exchange

Where to exchange my money? What is the exchange rate in Iran? What is Iran’s currency?

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We accept bitcoin too! Find out why?

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SALAM (That’s hello in Persian)

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Persian New Year in the shadow of Coronavirus

Persian New Year in the shadow of Coronavirus As you may already know, 20th of March 2020 is the first day of year in Persian calendar. From 3000 years ago the start of spring has a significant meaning in Iranians/Persians culture. For us, New Year’s day is more than just a formal date in the […]

Yalda night

Don’t miss out Yalda night! It`s basically the longest night of the year (the last night of Autumn) and Iranian people celebrate it very special. So accept any invitation you get at this night from any local person! And how to get an invitation?! You don’t have to arrange anything in advance, Just be open to […]


Famous for: Kashan is known for Maranjab Desert and Caravanserai located near the salt lake, and also producing silk, carpets, velvet, rose water and potteries Good for people with the personality of: history lovers, desert trekkers Climate: Desert climate Language/Dialect: Farsi with Kashi accent population: 304,487 Famous dishes:  Khoresht Nokhod Alleh, Kateh Moatar Handicrafts and […]