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Sirah Traditional House is located in the heart of Shiraz. “I love old houses because they hold the spirit of history"
8 minutes walk from National Jewels museum, 1 km from grand Golestan Palace and 67 km from Tehran IKA Airport

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Experience the exciting Kurdish rural life in the mountainous village of Dulab with a fantastic view of mountainous.

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Jahangardi Naeen Hotel is a 2-star hotel in Naeen City. This hotel is decorated with traditional Iranian arts.

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See You in Iran Hostel, was rated by Lonely Planet as a “Top Choice Hostel” and one of the “Best Places to Sleep” in Tehran.
This is not just a normal sleeping place. In this place, you will get acquainted with the clothes and culture and language of the Qashqai nomads.
“Sadeghi” historical house located in the center of Kashan. This place has especial architecture and breathtaking views of Kashan from the roof top.
"Anar aqda" is a house with 300 years history located in Ardakan, Yazd. Here is mostly known for its pomegranate trees & unique architucture
Kianpour Historical Hotel is a majestic hotel in Isfahan.This amazing residence dates back to Qajar era. Its unique Iranian architecture is fascinating

Local Tours

Let’s know more about Silkroad and Bazaar in Isfahan Free walking tour. We will start our tour in Naghshe Jahan square (the main squire of beautiful Isfahan)
Half day Salt lake and desert tour from Isfahan is perfect for those who are short on time and wish to seize the opportunity to get introduced to Sand dunes in desert and salt lake.
It is a free tour! This means that we won’t charge you. All you need is to grab your backpack and walk with Abbas along the streets of Tehran.



I am traveling worldwide, visited more that 80 countries, never had service like this before

Very professional service. I feels like i have my personal assistant in IRAN.
very helpful, supplied with all information I needed, they helped me with meeting right people in Tehran.
I am very satisfied and will use this service again!

Thank you very much, AURIMAS

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton


I had a fantastic trip to Iran, and IranbyBit was one of the main reasons my trip was so successful

They were very welcoming, professional and always available.

They gave me great information on where to go and places to stay and provided services to make my adventure very enjoyable. Setare introduced me to some interesting Iranian people, people I will maintain contact with as I will certainly be back!

Travel card made travelling around Iran a lot easier than having to deal with money exchanges and cash in general. Also enabled online purchases of domestic airline and rail tickets.

They are establishing a new business and I wish them every success, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending IranbyBit services to others.


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