Persian New Year in the shadow of Coronavirus

As you may already know, 20th of March 2020 is the first day of year in Persian calendar. From 3000 years ago the start of spring has a significant meaning in Iranians/Persians culture. For us, New Year’s day is more than just a formal date in the calendar. As our ancients (also in many other parts of the world) have observed the beginning of new life as the beginning of a new year, happening on the Vernal Equinox. This symbolized day reminds us that we can begin something anew in the dead of winter. Rebirth of nature recalls us to wish new hopes. New year in Iran (called Nowruz in Persian) is usually a time when Iranians come together, with friends, family, and relatives, giving presents to each other and trying to forget troubles that they had in the past year.

But this year, we aren’t able to celebrate Nowruz. Celebrating our ancient tradition is under the shadow of the Coronavirus and the quarantine is more hurting for people who were supposed to be shopping and preparing their houses to host relatives and friends.

Iranians are famous for their hospitality, we enjoy hosting parties and family gatherings. In recent years a group of the young generations tried hard to show the real Iranian cultures and the hospitality to the world; Telling people from other countries, we are just normal people, unlike what you may see in the media. And hopefully, their work was effective; word of the mouth brought trust. Some many travelers and adventurers visited Iran and shared their unique stories with the world. But again, all the recent happenings and news in the country and finally the coronavirus outbreak caused damage to the tourism of Iran. Many local hosts throughout the country who had already prepared their lodges and country houses to host guests now doubt if they can or should survive for next year.

People need hope. Since at this moment most people are at the same risk, maybe it is the time to bring our hearts together by saying that, despite all the barriers and negative news, we understand each other and are standing together.

Lets celebrate the new year together as our ancients did. wherever we are, we can share our promising words with people all over the world, especially to people in Iran who have had more tough days behind. No borders will remain closed, give us the word that someday soon you will come and give us a visit. 

Your words would be our new year’s gift.

Stay safe and Happy Nowruz