“Most of the people think Iran is not a safe place to travel and even confuse Iran with Iraq. From my point of view, having spent time in the country, Iran is the best option in the Middle East for a woman to travel alone. People will stare at you because they are curious and for them it is not common to see a girl from any other country travelling alone. But people are very kind and hospitable and don’t have bad intentions.

Traveling around Iran is safe and easy. You can always take a bus or taxi without a problem. Buses provide a seat reservation and the driver will rearrange the passengers so that no woman sits next to an unknown man. So get ready to change your seat several times in a journey. Accommodation in Iran is easy to find. I always booked a hotel or hostel before arriving to each destination. But nowadays CoachSurfing is becoming very popular and it is the best way to find accommodation with local hosts and discover nearby events.” [1]

“Iran is safe, accessible and totally easy to navigate as a solo female traveler. Sure, you might experience some inconviniences, but for every annoying man you get 3 nice ones, just like anywhere else.

Traveling to Iran or anywhere in the Middle East independently, especially as a woman, isn’t perceived well these days.

You’ll be much more likely to get mugged in Europe than in Iran. Violent crimes against foreigners are extremely rare and, indeed, if you do your best to fit in with local customs, you are unlikely to be treated with anything.

People believe that Iran is full of moral police watching your every step, ready to arrest westerners at the slightest provocation. In my experience, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While cases or reporting and arrests occur, it’s not as common as it’s being portrayed outside of the country.Everyone I met was extremely helpful and treated me like I was an expensive piece of jewelry. Escorting from one place to the other, while feeling responsible for me. And that’s the people I met on the street for 5 minutes! So unless you’re planning on running around naked with a bottle of smuggled vodka in hand, don’t be afraid.” [2]

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