• Famous for: Tehran is famous for Azadi tower, historical palaces and several museums
  • Good for people with the personality of: History lovers, for those who are seeking exciting entertainments, nightlife and hustle & bustle of a large metropolitan
  • Climate: Semi-arid climate
  • Ethnic groups: Persians, Azerbaijanis, Lurish, Kurdish, Arabs, Armenians, Baluchis, Bakhtiaris
  • Language/Dialect: Persian
  • population: Urban: 8,693,706; Metro: 15,232,564
  • Famous dishes: Sar Gonjeshki, Eshkeneh, Aash
  • Handicrafts: Glass blowing art
  • How many days to stay: 2-4
  • How to get there: Imam Khomeini International Airport, Tehran railway station, Beyhaghi Bus Terminal, Western Bus Terminal of Tehran, Tehran East Terminal, Tehran South Terminal
  • Good for camping: Out of the city
  • Places to see/activities to do: Golestan Palace, Sa’dabad Complex, Azadi Tower, Milad Tower, Niavaran Complex, Carpet Museum of Iran, Tabiat Bridge, Tochal Complex, Treasury of National Jewels
  • Suggested Tours/local guides: Mountain trekking tours,  Persian Food Tour, Free Walking Tour –Tehran, Tehran On Wheels
  • Suggested Hotels/hostels/lodges/eco-lodges: Arian hostel, Vono hostel, See you in Iran hostel, paradise hostel, cedar hostel, Bibi hostel, Pamchal hotel, Tehran heritage hostel, Milaveh hostel, Iran cozy hostel