“Whoever enters my place, feed them without asking about their faiths. Because if they were favored by the Almighty God who saw them worthy of the gift of life, then they are certainly worth being fed in the house of Aboul Hassan “.

This is the message at the entrance to Abolhassan Kharaghani house.

Abolhassan Kharqhani is one of Medieval Persian mystics. He claimed a deep spiritual relationship with Bayazid Bastami, a well-known Sufi Master.

A group of researchers finds Bayezid’s thoughts influenced by Buddhism and Hinduism. While some find him a Muslim mystic, many others believe that he was more a student of Jesus Christ due to his love to immaterialism

One day, he was walking on a narrow road with his fellows and a dog came. He returned and opened the way for the dog. One of the fellows asked: you are a great mystic with many disciples, you are God’s best creatures, why did you prefer the dog to us? He replies: on the day of the beginning, I became a mystic with many fellows, and that became a dog. Did I do anything right to deserve this or did he do anything bad to be punished?

For those who are visiting Abulhassan’s tomb at Qaleh Now-e Kharaqan village, it would be a great delight to stay at one of the most beautiful Ecolodges with Iranian architecture, Parvin Palace which the staff are very dedicated to Abulhassan also.