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Tehran On Wheels

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  • Tours Style: Motorbike ride
  • Appeal To: All travelers who like to see the real life of Tehran
  • Availability: Everyday
  • Departure Point: Pick up from your hotel/hostel in Tehran and dropping down in front of your hotel/hostel

I’m Ali, from Tehran. Experienced on money-less travelling, working on hostels and driving motorbikes and cars for discovering areas. I always take it as an option to discover my life area, this messy city, Tehran. For travelers it’s only known as a transportation step, most of them stay in Tehran only for a night and then leave. It’s a busy capital but there are still many things to see and try.

Now I’m coming with my new idea which called Tehran On Wheels. Having a motorbike ride in this mess, for people who would like to see the real life of Tehran and visit some of interesting places as a route. There would be different routes and choices as well, based on directions, we’ll go discovering as you wish!

I’ll be your driver, explaining you about Iranian life styles and Tehran areas through the way and visiting different places as well. That’s opportunity for travelers who don’t have enough time to look for the places which should be visited.

Don’t worry about the motorbike, I’m an experienced careful driver and motorbike is under fully insurance! So if you want to see Tehran not in a typical way, jump in and let’s go!

Tehran is the capital of Iran and Tehran province with a population of around 8.4 million in the city and 15 million in the larger metropolitan area of Greater Tehran. Tehran is the most populous city in Iran and Western Asia and has the second-largest metropolitan area in the Middle East. It is ranked 29th in the world by the population of its metropolitan area.

There are 22 of districts in Tehran. In most of those you always can find something to discover and get to know the culture and its complicated stories. Universities, Cafes, Parks, Museums, Mosques, Cultural houses, Mountain areas and Palaces are all accessible by public and private transportation. Due to the high traffic rate of the city, the dispersion of the must see areas and the limited time of many tourists who come to just pass the Tehran gate and get into the classic touristy circle of Iran (Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd), one of the best ideas for those who are interested to get to know more about Tehran and its paradoxical images, always has been getting a motorbike for having quick tours.

Nowadays everyone know Tehran as a polluted city with fatal traffic and smoky sky but it,s not too fair actually. Still there are a couple of cozy and interesting places which make your mind free of the city business. Some parts still reminding us the old Tehran and the stories behind that and still a few areas which make us breathing deep to get some energy to come back through the city life again.

Through this huge mess, there is a guy who has been entertained, worked and drove in Tehran for a long time with his motorbike. I am that guy, Ali, and now after a lot of experiences with driving and travelling, I’ve provided some social cultural touristy tours for sightseeing in Tehran which called Tehran On Wheels. In these tours you would have different opportunities for having a perfect flexible day in Tehran and you would visit different places in couple of hours, plus through the way i would describe you the stories and history of each different place and neighborhood which we would be passing by. There would be 5 different routes by default and you can choose them as you wish. You also would be able to make your own route depends on your interests which took you from far away to the Iranian capital.


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1. North Route

Going through the longest street of the Middle East, Valiasr and its trees which give you the best views of Tehran
Visiting the Tabiat (Nature) Bridge which is the largest and nature friendly bridge and connected 2 famous big parks connected over a popular highway.
Reaching Tajrish square and the shrine and bazaar beside that
Having the lunch or breakfast there
Visiting the Ferdows garden, meeting the hipsters there and Cinema museum (Watching a movie could be included)
Heading to the mountain though the Darband Route and visiting the Saad Abad complex OR the Golab Darreh Route and Tehran Sled OR the route Tochal and reaching Tehran Rooftop and the restaurants, cafes and entertainments there

2. Central Route

-Travelling through the time in the neighborhood Baharestan which has been as the whole Tehran around 100 years ago

-Visiting Parvaneh Friday market and the hipster community in case of being in Friday

-Visiting the National Garden, 30th Tir street food, And Ostad San’ati Museum (Sanati created approximately about 6,000 paintings and over a thousand number of gypsum, stone and bronze statues of reputed scientific and literal personalities of Iran and even different kinds of people belonging to different cultures and costs) OR any other museum you are interested to see

-Visiting the Grand Bazaar and Golestan palace

-Visiting the Oudlajan neighborhood which was born with Tehran, about 250 years ago when Tehran was known as a village.

-Going upper to visit the US formal embassy and Artists Garden which could be involved visiting the galleries, artists, theatres and movies or even free concerts.

-Visiting the students and universities area, Keshavarz Boulevard, Laleh park, book stores and cafes.

-Visiting the contemporary art museum in case of being open and Laleh Friday market

3. Western Route

-Visiting the Darakeh Mountain Route, climbing shortly and having the breakfast there

-Visiting the Paladium, the fanciest shopping center of the city in the western north parts

-Going through the Chamran Highway to the Milad Tower and watching Tehran over the tower from the high view of 435 meters

-Having a ride at the fancy western parts to the Azadi Tower and square

-Visiting the Chitgar Lake, getting a bicycle and turning around and having a coffee with the view of lake

4. Southern Route

-Going to the traditional street Bazaar through the southern parts located middle of downtown and its unique atmosphere which is an old traditional working area.

-Visiting Shah Abdol Azim Shrine which is the biggest shrine of Tehran located in a town-neighbourhood called Shahr E Rey and the bazaar next to that, having a traditional meal there

-Visiting the historical 900 years old tower, Tugrul in the Shahr E Rey

-Getting to have a tea, shisha or meal in Azari traditional restaurant with the live traditional music

-Going back to the center through the very beginning point of the Valiasr street located next to the railway square.

5. Eastern Route

-Going through the Damavand street and Imam Hussein Sq. to the eastern parts

-Discovering Narmak neighbourhood which is a the living place of the formal famous Iranian president, Ahmadi Nejad and the area mapping is included 100 small squares which named by numbers 1-100

-Going to the Lavizan mountain park, having the breakfast and enjoying the landscape

-Visiting the birds garden

-Visiting the Shrine of Panj Tan in the peaceful area of Lavizan

Tour's Location

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Social Documenting Motobike tour of Tehran
This could be the most interesting case which provides you trying to see a perspective of a Tehranian daily life by having a long ride through so many different areas through the traditional tea houses, streets and their stories, squares, mosques and bazaars and different communities. Having a look to the different places as long as you feel satisfied about having an extreme daily life in Tehran. The exactly route could be designed depends on your favorites. This could be an ideal opportunity for those who come to Tehran to discover the communities and culture, photographers and also documenters.
Tehran Nightlife, through a lot of fun
The last surprising tour package has provided you a car with a local which take to see the different nightlife of the city and visiting it when most of the population are sleeping after a work day. You won,t face traffic anymore and you would see a peaceful Tehran instead. In this case u don’t need to be worry about riding the motorbike anymore, instead of that you,ll be chilling enjoying the music and sightseeing. We will visit the traditional and modern street foods to have a meal or cup of tea or coffee there, we will go where youth generation used to go there to meet up and we will discover what is invisible at days of Tehran. Some of the choices which could be included the plan:

-Tehran rooftop

-Visiting Jamshidieh stone garden, enjoying the mountain and the peaceful area next to that

-Visiting Lavasan village where is a calmful zone middle of the mountains with clean and cold weather

-Having a long ride for 20KM all over the famous beautiful street, Valiasr, and checking how everything change when you begin since the first steps in south parts and end in north, at Tajrish square.
-As it,s mentioned this was only couple of simple samples and we can change the planning as you feel more comfortable and happy, it could be changed to many other places, and there is always this option of just riding and choosing the places between the way.

-Although we can’t guarantee your safety but we are proud of doing our best to keep your safety. The motorbike and 2 of its riders are under insurance. You would have a careful driver which do his best to provide to a fantastic experience in Tehran. You would have helmet to put on.

For each hour of tour 3 Euros will be added to the bill.

-The packages are designed for beginning steps of running the tour, they would be improving and specializing day to day by your recommendations


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