• Famous for: Islamic architectures, Persian Gardens,  picturesque bridges, Persian Carpets, Bazars
  • Good for people with the personality of: Architectures lovers, Classic Travelers, Artsy travelers, Shop Lovers
  • Climate: cold desert climate/ arid climate
  • Best time for visit: All seasons
  • Ethnic groups: Persian, Lor, Turk, Azari, Armenians, Georgians
  • Language/Dialect: Farsi with Esfahani accent
  • population: 1961000
  • Famous cuisine/food: Beryani, Kale joush, Halim bademjan, khoresh Mast, Khorosht morgh Alou,  Vegetarians: Kashke bademjan
  • Music: Isfahan Music
  • Handicrafts/to buy: Carpet, Ghalamzani, cooper dishes, Gaz (sweetie)
  • How many days to stay: 2-4 days
  • How much to spend per day: Budget stay
  • How to get there: Flight: Esfahan international airport, Bus: Kaveh bus terminal, Soffeh Bus terminal, Train: Estgahe Ghatar Esfahan, Taxi: Tehran (400 km) to/from the north, Shiraz (200 km) to/from the south
  • Good for camping: Outside of the city
  • Places to see/activities to do: Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Unesco-listed central square, Jameh Mosque, Si-o-Seh Pol, Khaju bridge, Choobi (Joui) bridge, Vank Cathedral, Menar Jonban, Shah Mosque, Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque, Ali Qapu, Chehel Sotoun, Hasht-Behesht
  • suggested Tours/local guides: Persian bath, minakari, varzaneh, Suggested Hotels/hostels/lodges/eco-lodges, Hotel abbasi, Mahbibi
  • Suggested Hotels/hostels/lodges/eco-lodges: Aveila guesthouse, Sadeghi house, puppet and toy museum guesthouse, Manuchehri house, Morshedi house, Arge Mohtasham hotel, Rohab guesthouse, Negar varzaneh guesthouse, Anarak ecolodge, Hafez varzaneh guesthouse, Pava hostel, Ghaeli guesthouse, Anar guesthouse, Ragrug hostel, Amu Ghodrat guesthouse, Chapakar guesthouse, Gareh Dezh guesthouse, Birahe guesthouse, Javaheri ecolodge, Tak Taku guesthouse, Khalvat guesthouse, Mahbibi hostel, Kianpour hotel, Abbasi hotel, Aseman hotel