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Shahed metro station

Using metro (subway) from Tehran to IKA airport

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How to use metro (subway) from Tehran to IKA airport?

Many of travelers ask how to use metro to get IKA airport, so recently I try it be myself and want to share my experience here.

First, from all the stations in Tehran metro you need to get Shahed-Bagher Shahr metro station (Line 1) in this station from 7:15 am to 7:15 pm there is a metro to the airport every 80 minutes.

The ticket price is 7500 Toman for now. From Shahed station you need to change the train at the next station (Namayeshgah Shahr e Aftab) and then after about 20 minutes you will get at the airport.

During the night after 7:15 pm to 9 pm there is taxi and bus line from Shahed station to the airport. The taxi price (a shared taxi) is 6500 Toman and the bus price is 2500 Toman. (Rial or Toman?)

After 9 pm the best option is to use Snap (the online taxi in Iran).

Have a great time in Iran

tehran metro
tehran metro