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Sarv-e-kohan ecolodge

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Sarv-e-Kohan ecolodge located only 50 steps from the Cypress of Abarkuh, also called the Zoroastrian Sarv, is a Cupressus sempervirens tree in Abarkuh in Yazd Province of Iran. Traveling to the heart of a village and walking through kind and hospitable people makes you feel alive. That’s what “Sarv-e-Kohan” ecolodge gives to you. It is the best travel option for you if you want to find peace in real nature and be yourself for a while.
“Sarv-e-Kohan” accommodation is located in “Abarkuh” which is 160 km away from the international airport of “Yazd”.
It is a village in the heart of the town. This ecolodge took its name from an amazing famous old tree. This beautiful place is next to the second oldest living thing in the world which is a cedar tree that has 4500 years old age and local people named it “Sarv-e-Kohan”.  In addition, there are a lot of tourist attractions (400 monuments) near this place for all kind of tourists who love: desert tourism, horse-riding, star gazing, visiting natural glaciers and walking through Qanat (an old terranean canal that Iranian peoples use to use it to store water in desert parts), and also watching the process of making a handicraft by local people which is called “Namad-mali”. It all comes to give a fantastic unique adventurous experience to you. The rooms of this accommodation are constructed in two types: rural, which is made of wood and mat (no beds-floor sleeping set) and traditional, which is made of mud and brick (consist of beds and floor sleeping set). Here, you can enjoy eating delicious Iranian local foods in a beautiful garden with different kinds of trees such as pomegranate, apple and berry tree and also a little fountain in the middle which gives you a sense of freshness.

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“Abar-kouh Cypress”:
The world’s second-oldest tree is Sarv-e Abar-kouh located in Abar-kouh city. This Iranian natural heritage and tourist attraction stands 25-28 meters high and has a width of 11.5 meters. Russian scientist “Alexander Rouf” has estimated its age as over 4000 years old and could be the oldest tree in Asia. Some legends attribute its origin to “Japheth”, the son of Noah, while others believe  Zoroaster himself planted it. Favorable natural conditions of its location have been credited as the main reason for the tree’s longevity.

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