The west part of Iran and Zagros Mountains is the oldest part of Iran’s history. Ekbatan (Nowadays is known as Hamedan) is the first capital of Iran during of Maad dynasty 3000 years ago.

Kurdish and Azari languages and Lor culture reach to each other in this area of Iran. More than a variety of culture and long history you can also enjoy the wild nature of Zagros Mountain.

  • Activity   Site seeing, nature
  • Requirement   –
  • Meal   7b,7l,7d
  • Season   Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • Transport   Car or Van


1 person: 1000 euro
2 persons: 1300 euro
3 persons: 1800 euro
7-12 persons500 euros per person


  • Visiting the first capital of Persia
  • Visiting the beautiful nature of Zagros mountains
  • Visiting the stone grave of Sasanian dynasty


Day 1

Our trip starts from Tehran to Hamedan city it takes 4 hours to reach Hamedan and after check-in in the hotel, we would visit some sites in the city centers like the tomb of Ester the great Xerxes queen and Avicenna mausoleum. Avicenna has been described as the father of early modern medicine.

Day 2

On the second day, we visit Ganjnameh tourist resort, the place located in the old silk way between Asia and Europe, so the Persian king order to put a big Inscription with 3 languages in Ganjnameh. We continue our trips across Alvand Mountain in the road which is part of history to reach the other oldest city near Hamedan. Our second-night accommodation would be in toyserkan.

Day 3

Visit the tomb of Haiaghogh a Jewish prophet who came to Iran 2500 years ago from Babble. After visiting several beautiful walnuts gardens and eat lunch we move to Kermanshah. Bistoon which is known as the intersection of civilization is our next see sighting during the second day. In this place, the great alexander settled his army and we can see the statue of Hercules which is made by them.

Day 4

We just enter the Kurdish part of Iran; here you can see a variety of cultures, even in the clothing of people. Tagh Bostan tourism resort is our next destination. A big stone engrave which shows Iranian king victory over ancient Greece king. We would try delicious dishes of Kermanshah that are so famous in Iran.

Day 5

The Grand Bazaar is the last place that we visit in Kermanshah. On the evening of the fifth day, we would move to Sanandaj.

Day 6

Sanandaj city the capital of Kurdistan province is the last city that we visit. Khosro khan mansion and old Khan public bath are places that visit during of day and during night we would visit Abidar Park to see the nightlife of people.

Day 7

Passing through Zagros mountains and beautiful landscape we return to Tehran.


  • Tour leader
  • Meals as mentioned
  • Transport as mentioned
  • Accommodation as mentioned
  • Airport Transfers


  • Insurance
  • Visa
  • Equipment (rent if needed)