Iran Visa Types

All types of visa defined by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran are listed below. Visa Types Description Who can apply Documents needed A – Entry Visa for Foreign citizens who have an invitation letter from ministries, governmental organizations, private & public sectors, … for the purpose of negotiating, signing contracts, setting up

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Traveling Iran during Muharram

Muharram, the first month of the lunar year, has great value among Muslims. In commemoration of the Prophet Mohammad grandson’s martyrdom, Hussein ibn Ali, all Shia Muslims and believers take part in mourning ceremonies. Prophet Muhammad’s family took part in an injustice battel against Yazid, the caliph of the Umayyad caliphate, about 1400 years ago.

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Where to Travel in Iran based on your Personality

Note: This post was published in November 2018 and now has been updated for more accuracy and comprehensiveness. After reading this article you will know where to go, what to see, which food you should eat and many other things to do in Iran. 1. Classic Traveler Need a traditional guided trip? Do you think these
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Travel Tips for Iran

Tip no. 1: Do not rush into money exchange at your arrival! In the airport, there will be fixers that would come to you to offer money exchange, transportation, and accommodation. The rates are not real and the transportation and accommodations are illegal and unsafe. We recommend you to simply ignore them and use the
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Vegetarian Foods in Iran!

Vegetarian Foods in Iran! Post from Saboktar By Maryam Raha If you are a vegetarian and planning to visit Iran, the food might be one of your biggest concerns. Many people suppose that Iranian food is all about Kebabs, so finding yummy Iranian vegetarian foods is a big deal while traveling in Iran. However, this idea
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