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Architecture of mountainous

Trifa in the Kurdish language means a halo of the moon. The Trifa eco-tourism residence is located in the stair village with pleasant climates named Dolab in 40 km from Sanandaj.
The village has green and diverse gardens, as well as the views of Mount Avalan (3,000m high mountain overlooking the village), and the Sheikh Hadi’s historical and pilgrimage monastery.

The jobs of people are livestock, gardening and natural honey production from the slopes of the Mount Avalan.
Every year, the Bowlow ceremony is held late in the summer (Bowlow is producing raisin from grapes, which has its own hierarchy, and a special event which also has got national record).


  • The spectacular architecture of the mountainous parts of Iran is popularly known as “The yard of the building above is the roof of the building below”.
  • Central mosque (Islamic-Iranian)
  • Kurd house ( “Asef building”)

There are many permanent springs and mountains that mountain climbers would definitely enjoy.

  • Like other Kurdish people, the people of Dulab tend to use mountain aromatic vegetables. The Kurdish food pattern is very simple and based on the natural material available.
  • Kurdish bread such as “Kaline” and “Kalane” are baked in the home.
  • Kurdish drinks such as brewed quince, thyme, puneh and dough.
  • local honey, butter, egg, omelette, berry juice and Ardeh.
  • organic fruits: berry, raisin, walnut, strawberry, apple, and cherry.
  • The tradition of turning grapes into raisins is held every September.
  • Kurdish people celebrate Nowruz differently here. it is much more traditional. Setting the fire, singing the special Nowruz songs and traditional Kurdish dance is a part of their big celebrations.

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