Mahan tourism hotel

Kerman which is located in the southeast of Iran, keep the record among all provinces of Iran with 6 inscribed sites in UNESCO World Heritage. One of those attractions is the Lut desert. It has been measured at a temperature of 70 °C, as the hottest place in the world. There are also the historical city of Bam, Shazdeh Mahan Garden, Rocky Village of Meymand‌, the underground channel of Goharriz, Arg e Bam, the rug of Darestan in that list.

Mahan is located in the southeast of Kerman city. 35 km from Kerman there is the mountain range of Jupar, where there are numerous water springs that have made this region unique. Mahan Tourism Hotel is accessible to all the amenities of this small town and access to this hotel is possible due to the Bam road in all seasons with no problems.

Hotel Overview

Mahan hotel triple room
Mahan hotel triple room

per 3 persons

Double+single/3 single beds

For 2 persons(17€)


per 4 persons

4 single beds

Max:6, each(4€)

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