Lard Suza guest house

Are you looking for a professional local guide who is fluent in English and also knows Qeshm island like the back of his hand? We offer you Lard Suza, a traditional guest house in Qeshm and its owner, Amer, who is ready to arrange your adventures journey. He could show you around to different sightseeing on the island and make a memorable experience for you.

Qeshm Island, the largest island in the Persian Gulf is located a few kilometers off the southern coast of Iran.
Welcoming and warm locals with traditional dress who are working mostly in special boats called Lenge and playing local music.
Incredible wildlife of birds, reptiles, dolphins, and turtles.
An amazing nature that you haven’t seen a diversity like that, such as Salt Cave Of Qeshm, mysterious valley of the stars, Naz island, Khorbas caves, and Chahkooh canyon.


Hotel Overview

Lard Suza guest house Room
Lard Suza guest house Room

per person

Floor sleeping bed

Shared bathroom

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Lard suza guest house Qeshm

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