Gareh Dezh guest house

Gareh Dezh, which means downhill castle(in local dialect), is a cozy comfy residence in Varzaneh city, Isfahan province. Varzaneh city is famous for its traditional organic (bio) food. There is the possibility of asking locals the organic food in Gareh Dezh dining sections, and you had better ask for Eggplant dish or KalJoosh as local foods of Varzaneh.
The very silent Varzaneh desert makes the landscape spectacular and a great place for meditation, sandboarding, and paragliding in Iran.
Note that except for late spring and summer, the temperature often drops below 10°C and to 10 degrees below freezing in January and February), due to the lack of humidity. Thus, you would need sleeping bags if you want to camp there. In Summertime, just avoid being in the desert from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Hotel Overview

Gareh dezh guest house Room
Gareh dezh guest house Room

per person

Single beds
Shared bathroom

Full board=10€

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Gareh Dezh guest house Varzaneh

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