Bishapur guest house

Bishapur guest house is in Fars province, the village of Bishapur Kashkoli, in the city of Kazerun. The distance of the residence is 27 km from Kazerun and it is in a hilly region with a very pleasant climate. The guest house is a 50-year-old home in which tourists can visit Shahpour and Bishapur caves, the forest and the village, as well as the mountains. Also, the distance from the residence to the ancient city of Bishapur is 6.5 kilometers.
Due to local architecture and nostalgic sensory induction, the residence rooms are without beds, TVs, bathrooms, and toilets. In order to make the guests more comfortable, the bathrooms and toilets are shared.

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Bishapour guest house room
Bishapour guest house room

per person

Floor sleeping set

Shared bathroom

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