Anarak Caravansary is a beautiful historical house(120 years) made of bricks, clay and stone. Anarak means little pomegranate and a sign of love in Farsi.

It has been rebuilt and used as an ecolodge to save Iranian culture.

Anarak Caravansary includes 2 VIP suites with Double Beds and 23 Traditional style rooms with 3 floor sleeping sets.


Get around the hotel and see:

  •  the mountains adjacent to the desert
  •  ride camel in desert trails
  •  stars and celestial bodies observation in beautiful desert nights
  •  the historic mines of the Nakhlak
  •  the valuable foursquare building (Its founding dates back to the second century AD, and was originally worshipped by people whose job was to extract lead from the mountain and find silver.)
  • shepherding the cattle with shepherds and enjoy the virgin natural wonders
  • Naen castle (Narenj Ghale)
  • Varton hot spring
  • Museum of Desert Anthropology (Pirnia house)

Hotel Overview

VIP Suite
iran nakhlak anarak
iran nakhlak anarak

2 Double beds

Private Bath

Western Toilet



per person

2-4 Floor sleeping Sets

Shares Bath


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