What We Do

IranbyBit is a Travel Services Provider. We offer Hotels, Hostels, Guest houses, Local Lodges and Eco-lodges for those who prefer to plan their own trip to Iran.

Our services:

Before and throughout your stay in Iran based on your preferences, interests and needs we offer different detailed services for you such as:

  • Booking fantastic Accommodations from luxury to budgets in friendly Iranian environments in every corner of the country,
  • Offering special Tours and events, plus providing facilities like Iranian SIM Card.
  • Providing the opportunity for you to purchase prepared Tourist Debit Cards to make you feel comfortable and safe throughout your stay in Iran. Tourist Cards enable you to use all the banking services just like an Iranian citizen. You can walk up to any ATM machine in Iran and draw local cash to use for your expenses like buying tickets, shopping, restaurants, etc. In this way, you don’t have to worry about finding an exchange or carrying cash on yourself.
  • All of these services could be paid online by using credit cards, or USD and EUR in the form of Cash on arrival. There is also the opportunity for you to pay by Bitcoin.

Our Ultimate Goal

At “IranbyBit” we offer you the opportunity to have a experience based on your desire to:

  • Introduce Iran to people around the world and increase the cultural bridges;
  • Support Local community’s economy, flourishing rural markets and local lodges. It will increase tourist demand to choose the countryside instead of cities so that it will decreases the rate of migrations of Iranians to big cities;
  • Conserve natural resources and special botany and fauna species;
  • Play our role in Sustainable Development which leads to a Worldwide Peace and a happy face of our home, people, and this earth.


Hotels, Hostels, Local lodges


Hotels, Hostels, Local lodges


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Leadership Team

Kokab "Setareh"Shabanipour

Founder and CEO

Nima Behkar

System Software Developer

Ziya Sadr

Bitcoin Research

Zahra Aghaee

Content Provider

Bahareh Nikravesh

Tour Leader